Monday, 30 June 2008

More on Meadows

I’m a big fan of Shane Meadows so when I arrived here missing home a bit, I was delighted to see that Somers Town was showing as part of the Sydney Film Festival. However when I read the festival’s programme and I found out it was funded by Eurostar and the brainchild of an advertising agency (namely Mother) I was intrigued to see where this was going to go. Thankfully it didn’t sell out as a piece of film and I thought it was brilliant.

I was quite surprised it didn’t do better at Cannes but perhaps you have to be from the UK to appreciate the piece or maybe the 'power of unbranding' rationale was too much for people to get their head around. I'm not sure about the phrase but I get what Nugent means. It's nice to see a client with some balls.

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