Thursday, 26 June 2008

Billy Connolly on digital...

I have just finished reading Billy Connolly's biography, which has been written by his Aussie comedienne/psychologist wife Pamela Stephenson, and right at the end there is this quote from him on people that use the Internet or 'The Great Anorak in the Sky' as he calls it.

"You know why those people are on the Internet don't you? Because you wouldn't speak to them in the pub"

Harsh! Billy, there are PubCamp's going on don't you know!

PubCamp - The Web 2.0 Media Day from Sticky Advertising on Vimeo.


Cynical Rob said...

You've just proved one of my mates is a plagarist because a while back he said the reason I have so many blogs is to make up for the fact no one would ever talk to me in the pub.

The lying theiving bastard. Thank you.

Carl said...

The bastard indeed. By the way, did you enjoy Buenos Aires?